4 Adventure Water Sports for Couples Visiting Goa

Bored of looking at couple’s visiting places and clicking pictures for the gram? Are you looking to do something different on your holiday as a couple? Then add a spark of adventure to it and make some crazy memories together with these 4 adventure water sports for couples visiting Goa.

As a couple, if you’ll are adrenaline junkies than adventure sports is a must on your list.

For a truly spectacular adventurous experience filled with thrill and romance, these are the most enjoyed adventures as a couple.


Scuba Diving

The Blue clean deep waters and gorgeous marine life forces you to explore the magical underwaters. It’s worth an adventure activity as it’s a lifetime experience to explore the marine life of Goa. It’s a perfect adventure sport to share with your significant other. As a couple, you’ll get to witness and capture moments. It’s a fun activity and doing it as a couple is imperative to a healthy relationship.



Parasailing is a very popular adventure sport. While you’re high up in the sky gliding through the air you can enjoy the majestic landscape below. It is a favorite sport among couples and families too, as it’s a perfect combination of enjoyment and thrill. You can experience what it is to feel like water touching your feet while still in the air.


Bumper Ride

This is a fascinating and fun activity. A water sporting experience to all is interesting but imperfect without a bumpier ride. Riding these doughnut-shaped tubes leaves you with an exhilarating experience especially when you’re accompanied by your partner. It is a great opportunity to showcase your skills for thrill seekers as you attempt to ride this tube without falling off of it.


Sea Rafting

It’s one of the newest adventure sports. When it comes to sea rafting Goa’s beaches keep up with the best. Many couples and families who are adventure seekers are opting for the spills and thrills of sea-based leisure activities. As it’s become the talk of the town it’s definitely going to increase your pulse rate, and leave you with an unimaginable experience. Make it a perfect holiday by soaking in the sun and riding the waves of the moody sea.

Goa offers various Adventure Water Sports for Couples that can be enjoyed all year round Apart from the above-mentioned ones. Couples who are always in pursuit of adventure should definitely try these sports. If you’ve ever tried any of these activities share your experiences by commenting below.

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