Best Scuba Diving Sites in Goa

best scuba diving sites in goa

India has a tiny emerald land towards its west coast and that’s Goa. This place has visitors all year round, no matter even if it’s for a day or two. Most of them visit the beaches and the adventurous ones explore the magical underwater world. So if you’re in Goa and want to discover the underwater marvels than here are the best scuba diving sites in Goa you should probably head to.

Suzy’s Wreck

Suzy is a sunken British Vessel and is a very popular diving site. As you dive here you’ll get a lot to discover. In the deep shallow waters of Suzy’s Wreck, there is a symbolic of WW2 metal ruin and lies on the sandy bottom. You get a sight of various species of fish like the snappers, stonefish, angel fish etc. The water currents are not strong therefore making your dive much easier.

Sail Rock

Sail Rock is located approximately 1km from Grande Island. Things could get a bit challenging here as the water currents are strong and there’s a possibility of a surge. If you’re a multilevel diver the 6 meters to 20 meters of depth range along sloping walls will make it an ideal dive for you. Corals and aquatic life are enormous here, that’s exactly the reason for diving at sailing Rock is a challenge. So if you’re a maestro than you can go for it.

Davy Jones Locker

The Davy Jones Locker is yet another sunken ship, with almost 90% broken up metal wreck which is approximately 14 meters in length. This vessel is a living home to large fishes like Mullets, Tuna etc. Only certified or experienced Divers are taken here as it is believed that the currents are quite strong here. If you’re an amateur diver than the strong currents of the water flow could be a bit challenging for you.

Bounty Bay

If you are an Amateur diver, or just a beginner than Bounty Bay is the best site for you to dive as the depth is just 6 meters which makes it a lot convenient for you. This is the perfect place to glance at the vast view of tiny colourful fishes and stiff corals. Occasionally the stingrays and nurse sharks, as well as cuttlefish, have been spotted too. If you’re keen on learning the art and adventure of scuba diving then this would be an ideal site.

Turbo Tunnel

Turbo Tunnel is a narrow channel between a rock and the Island and it’s got the sea surging through it. The depth of this site is just 8 meters and suitable for beginners as well as experienced divers to explore the beauty underwater. The underwater paradise belongs to exotic fish like stonefish, triggerfish, parrotfish etc.

Uma Gumma Reef

Uma Gumma Reef is the most preferred Scuba Diving site. It has a depth of 14 meters wherein you get to witness the hard coral reefs and the species like Tuna, Sharks Snappers, Porcupine fish etc. The colourful fish and the coral garden make it a perfect site for underwater photography. Experienced as well as fresher’s can dive into this site.

The Jetty

The Jetty is located at the Grand Island in the North Western Direction. It’s a very beautiful dive site which has 8 meters of shallow depth. This site is blessed with an abundance of marine life like lionfish, Mullets and vegetation underwater. If you’re lucky enough you might spot an occasional shark, which leaves you with an exhilarating experience.

Shelter Cove

Shelter Cove is another amazing site to dive into as the channel along the rock makes it interesting. The waters here are not too deep as the maximum depth is 6 meters. The undercurrents are minimal which makes it a fun experience for all the beginners in scuba diving. You can get a view of a variety of corals, lionfish, parrotfish etc. You need to watch out for squids and cuttlefish as they come to mate and lay their eggs there. If it’s your lucky day than you might get to spot the Hawksbill Turtle and get your eyes onto some lobsters too.

Reading about the experience is one part and living the experience is another. I’m sure you would choose the experience.

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So if you want to experience the picturesque and breath-taking underwater view than you definitely need to visit Goa and get yourself an adventurous experience of scuba diving.

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