When in Goa, do what Goans do, zip across the streets on a two-wheeler, gaining advantage over your fellow tourists by getting to visit Goa’s many tiny villages in its hinterlands at your leisure as well as escaping to its backwaters for some river fishing or merely to unwind, relax and or take a dip.
Renting a bike gives you the comfort of being your own boss. Goa’s lack of traffic signals gives rise to a risk of accidents if you’re not too careful. Though an increase in the amount of traffic police in the state on busy roads has helped minimize traffic jams and accidents, it may be wise to be a cautious rider and not tempt fate. Being a holiday destination many tourists ride their motorbikes rather recklessly with not a care in the world and are often halted by either traffic police or an accident, especially during the festive season.

At Atlantis Water Sports, you are now able to hire a Harley Davidson during your vacation in Goa. Rent from our selected models and zip away on your Harley while you create memories to cherish while in Goa.
We highly recommend wearing helmets as it is not only mandatory in the State of Goa but your life’s safety is top most priority.


  • Daily Rentals commence at 9am the day you hire the bike and ends at 9am the following day irrespective of what time you hired the vehicle.
  • Copy of Driving License has to be given and the original shown.
  • One ID such as Aadhar or PAN card, will be retained till return of bike
  • A deposit of Rs 5000/- will be collected in advance and will be refunded at the time of vehicle delivery.

The models available with us are as follows: –

Fat Boy






Forty Eight



For more information on rates, availability etc. please do give us a call and we would be glad to assist you with your Harley rental.