Fun is the manthra of Goa. Every Goan swears by this. There life is everything but dull with their vibrant culture. They never cease to amuse people with their beautiful coastal lifestyle. Beach living is an art for them that they have mastered so intrinsically flawless. Carnival in Goa is a magnificent representation of their

“Satyameva jayate nanrtam Satyena pantha vitato devayanah yenakramantyrsayo hyaptakama yatra tat satyasya paramam nidhanam” “Only truth prevails, not untruth; by the path of truth is laid out, the Divine way, on which the sages of yore, fulfilled in their desires, attain the supreme treasure of Truth.” Our National Emblem always intrigued me with its’ striking

What is India’s Republic Day all about? For those of you who are yet to understand the significance of India’s Republic Day, here’s the briefest and most accurate of summaries – Republic Day in India honours the day when India’s Constitution came into force, which was the 26th of January 1950. This constitution had successfully