Cheap water sports operators you must avoid in Goa

Cheap water sports operators you must avoid Goa

The love to travel will force the cash strapped traveller, make ends meet to travel at least once a year. Further, to make most out of a holiday, one could even stay in a budget hotel or opt to dine at budget restaurants. Of course the more you save the better, especially when you are on a holiday in a state like Goa. Holidays like these are usually on a limited budget.

On the flip side, there is a high probability that other aspects of the holiday experience like outdoor activities or sightseeing are compromised. Adding to this is a pool of vendors, lurking around, offering sightseeing and beach activities for a cheaper price. But are they worth it and most importantly are they safe?

Let’s talk about this serious problem

While you’re exploring the coastal areas of Goa, you will surely cross paths with a friendly water sports operator. He’s ready to give you a hell of a deal on the best package for half the price of what seasoned water sports operators offer. When this happens, BACK OFF ASAP. Be cautious of these dubious sharks as they are out there to make a quick buck out of you.

Most of these operators are not Goan. They come from states neighbouring Goa. Upon seeing the success of water sports in Goa, they seek employment in the water sports sector, gain a few months of experience and then venture out to start a temporary water sports business by the beach or in partnership with another aspiring newbie. The Idea of getting a cheaper deal on water sports from these vendors is very appealing, but you need to look into the pros and cons of it too.

Experienced water sports operators are government LICENSED to conduct coastal water sports and operate on the beach.

Illegal operators avoid the huge licencing fees and operate illegally thus ignoring beach safety. Whereas for operators licensed by the government, a system put in place by the authorities. The authorities alert them if it’s safe to venture in the sea to conduct any water sports activities, especially during the onset monsoon season. The entire process is streamed lined. This, in turn, ensures that the industry is not dented by any un-pleasantries.

Most operators lack the experience and do not meet the required safety norms required to run a water sports business.

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to water sports. There are many incidences in the past where severe casualties at sea were reported while performing water sports activities. Mostly such incidences come from unlicensed operators. In order to offer a dirt cheap deal, safety is often ignored and this is a serious issue.

A word of caution. Safety is often ignored in cheap dealing. So be smart, stay safe and learn more about our packages. Happy Holidaying.

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