Paint Ball

Are you looking for something super fun to do with your squad? We have just what you need to experience ...Read more


The group is divided into teams. A relay race will take place where teams have to compete to win. A ...Read more

Catamaran Sailing

Catamaran Sailing In Catamaran Sailing, 3 to 5 participants comprise of one team. With 2 members per catamaran, a team ...Read more
20 Minutes

River Rafting

In the case of river rafting, no buoys will be involved. A 4-6 member team can be formed and the ...Read more

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

As the name suggests, for stand up paddle boarding the participant has to stand up on the board as shown ...Read more

Beach Volleyball

This sport doesn’t require much explanation. the basics rules of playing volleyball apply. The only difference is that instead of ...Read more


Another sport that required no explanation. A fibre battling rope is used here and opposing teams member will pull the ...Read more

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