Who Doesn’t Want To Fly, right?

Meet the new watersport that’s sweeping the nation by storm – Flyboarding! This action sport sensation is unbelievably exhilarating and an innovative masterpiece for adrenaline junkies the world over.

Atlantis Watersports in association with Flyboard Nation is launching Flyboarding for the first time in Goa and promises to become the epitome of Flyboarding in the state.

Working day and night to make sure safety measures as well as government regulations are adhered to, helps up ensure your Flyboarding experience is filled with uninterrupted fun and excitement.

Fly Boarding in Goa – Atlantiswatersports.com

Destination Chapora River
Duration 20 mins
Pricing Rs. 2799/- per person + photos/videos (at an additional cost)
Timings 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Month Of Operation October to May 2018
Minimum Age & Weight Of Participants 13 years / 30 kgs minimum

Here are some pointers to keep in mind before you hasten yourself into that awesome piece of innovation – the flyboard: –

Does Flyboarding require me to have any special skills?

First and foremost, you need to be comfortable in the water and hone basic swimming skills to be able to do this. Considering you have a life-vest on and the flyboard is buoyant itself, knowing swimming and being comfortable in the water would just help you not panic as much, when you plunge into the water, inevitably. If you don’t have any prior Flyboarding experience, our brief training sessions equip you with all the tips and tricks you need to know in order to make the most of your Flyboarding experience.

Flyboarding Activity Image Credit: Goa Watersports

Tip – Try to not look down once airborne as that might make you lose your balance, unless you’re a professional, of course.

How does one get to keep the flyboard airborne?

The Flyboarding kit has two main parts: –

  1. The flyboard, which is fairly similar to a wakeboard – It is buoyant as well, in case you feel like taking a break from ‘flying’.
  2. The personal water craft (PWC), normally a jet ski – The flyboard is connected by a hose to the jet propulsion system of the personal water craft. This system, using enormous force, pushes water through the hose to help propel the Flyboarder forward and then up. The level of thrust used in the flyboard is typically controlled by using the throttle of the personal water craft (PWC) i.e. the jet ski, in this instance.

Fact – You can fly at a maximum height of 15m on a majority of flyboards.

How do you balance yourself on the board?

Riding a flyboard is pretty similar to riding a hoverboard as far as dynamics are concerned. Just so you know, a hoverboard skims the surface of the water while you ride a flyboard up in the air (above water), obviously.

Once you’re suited up, you must lie flat on your stomach (in the water) and wait for the jet engine to be turned on, which will exert a force beneath your feet that will propel you through the water horizontally. After you find yourself getting used to this surreal sensation, the flyboard operator (who controls the speed of the board) will ever so gradually increase the level of thrust. Once ready, bending your legs near your waist will help you lift up and out of the water and in to the air.

Tip – When plunging towards the water, always make sure your feet are pointing away from the PWC to make sure you don’t collide with it.

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