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Monsoon is a season to enjoy nature to the fullest. Getting close to nature is a different kind of feeling which only nature and adventure lovers can tell.

There is a myth that adventure activities stop during monsoon season however for a true seeker for an adventure, this is a perfect opportunity to try something new. Adventure and monsoon were two words which were never used with each other but now slowly the lust to seek something refreshing is coming up.

Monsoon adventure is a new thing which is being liked by many. Goa offers the best kind such activities for the adventurer in you cannot sit back but experience something new.

So pack your bags and head to Goa as the monsoon awaits you and so does the new adventure.


  • Jet Ski in the open sea – Jet skiing is one of the most exciting and thrilling watersports activities being offered in Goa during the monsoon. It is an easy and fun activity which you can enjoy with your family and friends even if you riding it for the first time.
  • Banana ride with your squad – It is an inflatable boat that is shaped like a banana and connected to a speedboat, which pulls it along the water at high speeds. It is a must-do activity when you go along with your family and friends as this boat can take 4 to 6 people at a time.
  • Bumper ride into the ocean – In this ride, you will be placed in a large air-filled rubber tube and dragged by a speed boat into the open sea. If you are an adventure lover then this ride is for you as it is not as easy as it seems to look like.
  • Sleeping bumper ride – it is another exciting version of a bumper ride where you will have to lie down while the speed boat drags you into the waves of the open sea. This activity will give you such an adrenaline rush, you won’t forget it for a long time.
  • Speed boat rides for the racer in you – this is another thrilling activity for water sports lovers. There isn’t a better feeling than cold sea water splashing into your face as you cross the waves. Speedboats are fast, powerful and create the perfect setting for loved ones to bond in.

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