Shigmo Festival : Experience Goa in many ways

With the Shigmo festivities around the corner, Goa’s gearing up for a cultural extravaganza at par with its world-famous carnival concluded on the 9th of February this year.

Showcasing Hindu mythology in all its grandeur and sanctity, Shigmo mainly consists of a float parade, where the floats portray mythical stories and deities. This year, the festival will be held between the 25th of March and the 7th of April in every major town in the state.

Being Goan at heart, we at Atlantis Watersports give tourists a chance to experience Goa in many ways. Be it through a scuba diving / island trip or a fun water activity like parasailing, our plethora of watersports, trips and excursions ensure travelers have enough to do while spending the rest of their time experiencing the different cultural events and festivities Goa has to offer.

With Shigmo attracting tourists and journalists from far and wide Goa’s tourism industry goes to major lengths to ensure the image of the state and festival as a whole are keshigmo-festival-goapt in line with its cultural ethos and business ethics. Commenting on the subject, Goa’s Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar was quoted recently as saying, “Goa Tourism promotes feasts, festivals and events which are significant and special to Goa and those which draw tourists in large numbers to the state. Shigmo is one of them. The festival is the celebration of the new season of spring and a very popular event in Goa that brings out a riot of colour and costumes,”

Adding to this, Mr Parulekar continued to state that Shigmo is in essence, a social festival with a religious core, filled with colour, music, dance and floats. It depicts Goan life, in its true meaning and gets the same attention as any other major festival in the state, drawing good publicity through national and international mediums.

The floats usually consist of men dancing with painted wooden flagged poles draped in colourful clothes and headgear, while other floats have dancers performing the Ghode Modni warrior dance and the Fugdi indigenous dance, to name a few.

Predominantly popular with the Goan Hindu community, Shigmo also promotes a variety of khells or street plays based on popular Karnataka classical dances like the Yakshagana.

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