Tambdi Surla Waterfalls

Tambdi Surla Waterfalls is Located inside the Bhagwan Mahavir National Park, It is a 12th century Shaivaite temple of Lord Mahadev. Due to its remote location, people often miss the opportunity to visit the temple. But a trip to Goa is incomplete without a visit to this ancient Tambdi Surla temple which is a treat to eyes because of its unique style of construction. Set amidst nature, this divine place is not known for its religious importance only but also known for its fascinating architecture.

When the temple was constructed, Kadamba dynasty was ruling during the time. This temple is the only specimen of Kadamba-Yadava architecture. Tambdi Surla is noted as the oldest temple in Goa. The temple was built by Hemadri, the minister of the Yadava King Ramachandra. It is built in the Hemadpanthi style from basalt. The intricate carvings adorn the interior and the sides of the temple. The hard work of the skilled workers can be seen in the beautiful walls of the temple.


The temple has seen invasions and a lot of turmoil but it has survived all that because of its remote location amidst the deep forest. Along with Lord Shiva, the temple has fascinating figures of Lord Vishnu and Brahma. Every corner of the temple tells a story. Tambdi Surla faces east so that the rays of the rising sun first falls on the deity.


You can only hear the sound of the stream and the chirping of birds when you are in the temple premises. There is a headless Nandi right at the center of the temple. River Surla flows by the temple.

Tambdi Surla waterfalls is 90 minutes away from the temple. If you are visiting the temple, a trek to the waterfalls should be a must in your to-do list. The falls is located amidst thick forest, so it is recommended to take a local guide along. The trek might take a little more than 90 minutes depending on the steep ascent.


Once you reach the waterfalls, you will find your painful trek a worthy adventure. The breathtaking nature, cascading falls and the drizzle on your face, it is the best thing you will ever experience.


The trail from the temple to the tambdi surla waterfalls is quite simple and easy to follow. While on your route, you will also find a few streams flowing down the hills. The fresh air and pristine water will definitely make you fall in love with the place. Initially the path of trekking is quite wide but gradually the path narrows.


Though you won’t come across animals like leopards on your way but yes, be prepared as it is home to a large number of reptiles, small and big. You may find a few snakes or some other small animals. The best thing about the trek is spotting colorful birds which can’t be seen in the crowded cities. The multihued butterflies will also attract your attention.

When you see the waterfalls, you are speechless. It is so beautiful, just like the mention of stream in a poem. Water cascading from the height of 50 meters in a zigzag way looks really beautiful. There is a little pool created by the falls. If you want, you can take a dip in the chilly cold clear water. Create magical memories by clicking the best pictures of your life. Both the places, the temple and the waterfalls, both are worth visiting.

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