Top 4 Goa vacation secrets you will never know

tope 4 goa vacation secrets you will never know

A Goa vacation needs no introduction. The one thing that pops into your mind is Goa as the party capital of India. This by far is true and we won’t disagree about this.

But apart from the hustle and bustle, there are some secrets lurking around. Well, are about to find out. So here are the top 3 Goa vacation secrets you will never know.

1. Secret Beaches That Will Make You Think Twice!

There are many secret beaches scattered along the coast of Goa. These beaches are virtually untouched and if you’re lucky enough to get there you will come across maybe 8-9 locals at a given point in time. There are no tourists there because of various reasons like proper roads, hotels or shacks. If you are fortunate enough to get to one of the secret beaches in Goa then only you will truly experience the other side of this paradise.

2. Foreign Tourists are So Famous, But Why?

The main reason being there are people from different nationalities coming to Goa and along with them, they bring their culture and the way of life. What seems to them liberal, for some of us may seem taboo. Moreover, some of us try to relate foreign tourists to certain ways that may deem unsuitable to our culture. But overall they add to the beauty and help promote cultural diversification phenomenon of Goa.

3. Goa Secret Parties

This term is literally hammered at some point when the topic of a Goan holiday is brought up. It all depends on what you call as a secret party in Goa. A party in Goa may be called secret if there are unusual activities going on. Rest assured, most parties in Goa come within the Govt. preview and are 100% legal. After all its always a safe bet to be on the better side of the law.

4. South Goa is The Most Trending Thing Now!

North Goa was the most sought out place to be and to spend your vacation. Not anymore. The main reason for this is because, most places in North Goa have now become overcrowded with tourist, both foreign and domestic (the best way to experience cultural diversification). Nowadays tourists are slowly moving towards the south because of the calm and serene nature of the place. Beaches like Palolem, Cavalossim are becoming the ultimate vacation hotspots with their clear white sands and opaque blue waters.

What’s the vacation secret you experienced in Goa? Mention them in the comments below.

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