Goa is both a holiday destination for families, backpackers, solo travellers and groups; but its undeniable charm and historical beauty have captivated romantics from the entire world. There are quite a few charming, quaint hotels and restaurants for your love to blossom in. But, did you know, there was more to romance in Goa than just scenic charm and beautiful coasts?

There’s something for every kind of romance and every kind of romantic. Be it, old lasting love that needs renewing or first loves that make life magical.


There are both single and two person kayaks, where you either hold a cutesy competition with a romantic dinner of the winner’s choice as the ultimate prize or the slow growth of love that ends in a couple kayaking together, sharing the feel of life on the seas.

Some adventure sports companies offer sunset and moonlight kayaking, which I believe is the most romantic water sports activity for one to do. With the scent of the salt in the air, moonlight forming a beautiful homage, to true everlasting love felt between two souls, and opportunities for some romance. Moonlight kayaking is a breathtaking soul nourishing experience for people in love with life.

Another option for those scared of kayaking under the soft moonlight is sunset kayaking. The pure beauty of the sun slowly sinking into the water, like a shy bride smiling at her husband evokes sheer bliss within the soul. It feels like the sun is saying goodnight to all the lovers, plying their kayaks; bringing the promises of more hope and love for every tomorrow together.



For the more relaxed travelling couple on holiday, spending a lazy weekend, floating down a river is one of the most intimate settings in which, discovery of the self and discovery of the self as a unit i.e. a couple is possible. There are several adventure companies that offer houseboat cruises on a day basis, and overnight basis or even on a rental basis, whatever your need.

Imagine sailing down the Chapora River: embarking on a cruise with a loved one of yours, slinking through the dense mangroves, feeling the warm sunlight wash away your worries. Or how about having a drink and swaying to a wistful tune as you indulge in the Goan idea of “Susegad” meaning a contented form of life existent in the state.

Making languorous love amidst natural beauty is the kind of holistic experience you can have during your weekend on the houseboat. As the houseboat moves towards the sea, you can see frolicking dolphins enjoying their day and perhaps even catching themselves a meal.

While enjoying the scenic views during the cruise, you can tantalise your palate with Goan cuisine from deliciously slow cooked sorpotel to mouth watering bebinca. There is a small staff that caters to your every need on the houseboat.



A tale as old as time, beauty beholden in the mysterious illumination offered to us by the constellations. Sleeping under the stars and gazing into their infinity while imagining future possibilities: has been a human past time, since the recording of human thought. There are several beautiful beaches in Southern Goa that evoke the feeling of being part of the universe and being a part of a higher plane. A few lovely beaches are Palolem beach with its beautiful crescent shape, Benaulim beach with its smooth sand and Butterfly Cove with its scenic hidden beauty.

Imagine holding a pina colada in hand, with your arms around a loved one, star gazing and feeling so intimate in your oneness. Feeling the chill of the breeze blow over you and the grains of sand sifting through your toes as you wonder about the utter velvet beauty of the sky. Have you ever seen Venus, the planet of love? It’s known as the morning star and is brightly visible in the eastern morning sky, the direction where the sun rises, in the mornings even till 7 am. Hopefully the planet of love, while breaking your fast, will become a cherished memory, treasured through the years.

Staying at a hut on the beach, with the cool night wind passing through your fingers or sipping a drink around a bonfire while star gazing, this is one feeling everyone on Earth would be lucky to have.

4.Underwater romantic proposal

When you make that decision to spend your life with another person, till death do you part, a proposal is one of the most important aspects of asking a lover to be yours forever. All romantics want to have a memorable way of proposing true and perfect happiness to create a cherished memory that lasts throughout generations, long after you’re gone as an expression of what true love between people can be.

Goa being a romantic holiday destination for both national and international travellers, has seen its fair share of weddings and proposals. If you want to make Goa the scene of where it all began, an undersea deep sea dive proposal is not just a beautiful or unique way to show love, but an idyllic union between man and nature.

A team of PADI certified instructors will train you to dive for 45 minutes in a pool after which they will take you to the beach for your proposal. A professional dive team will affix the engagement ring to a carefully selected clam shell and make sure it is safe. Most adventure sports companies enjoy creating romance in the lives of others and they sometimes give you a delicious cake baked with respect, love and hope along with a bottle of champagne to make sure your romantic evening just gets better.

There’s even an option of renting out a private boat after the dive, to continue the night of bliss with your fiancée. For an additional fee, most companies lavishly decorate the boat in a decadent manner for you to surprise your future partner with. Underwater wonders create the right atmosphere for beginning the rest of your lives together.

5.Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you’re not a fan of the water or romantic sky gazing during the wee hours of the morning, another ultimately romantic experience for you to have is to be kilometres above the ground with your lover, basking in the early morning rays of the sun, marvelling at the wonder of nature that is Goa.  Feel the kisses of the sunlight pepper your skin as your gaze into the eyes of your love and then understand the true beauty of flight, which only birds feel.

Suspended in a basket, far away from the reaches of the ground and the clamour and hustle-bustle of daily life, give in to your flight of fancy and go back to your dreams of flying like a superhero with your Lois Lane by your side. There are both morning and evening balloon rides during the seasons with experienced pilots to make sure you’re safe and can be free to have the time of your life, united with Nature and a loved one.

Imagine, proposing to your love, in all earnestness with the setting sun creating a dramatic, magnificent silhouette that will, with no doubt, be an unforgettable experience of epic proportions.

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