Top 7 Scuba Diving Myths Busted

Planning to go diving in the pristine blue waters of Goa? You probably watched a couple of videos on YouTube. But then you stumble upon some dangerous fact about scuba diving. Now you will be having second thoughts about diving based on what you see or hear.

To put all your doubts at rest, here are the Top 7 Scuba Diving Myths Busted. Most of our customers also face this before booking a Scuba Diving Package in Goa. So let’s dive in!

1) You have to be an experienced swimmer

Top 7 Scuba Diving Myths Busted

You don’t have to be an Olympic swimmer to go scuba diving. Majority of our customers who go diving are not pro swimmers. Whether you are a medal-winning swimmer or not, everyone undergoes a mandatory pool training session which is supervised by a certified instructor. What matters is, you are not afraid of water.

2) You will be attacked by sharks

Top 7 Scuba Diving Myths Busted

This is one of the famed Hollywood scuba diving myths popularised in movies. We are not diving into shark-infested waters, unlike the movie JAWS. Moreover, sharks are not violent toward humans as portrayed. Our dive site is flooded with beautiful corals, vibrant marine life and a few sunken world war battleships. So no need to worry about a set of razor-sharp teeth coming your way.

3) You will get lost while diving

Top 7 Scuba Diving Myths Busted

This won’t happen ever. Why, because there will always be a certified diver with you underwater. Throughout your diving activity, an instructor will be by your side, safely navigating and guiding you.

4) Scuba diving equipment is expensive

We will agree on this. Diving equipment is actually very costly. The diving suite, vent pipes, mouthpiece, underwater goggles and the oxygen cylinder cost a bomb. But no need to fret. Our diving package, for example, comes with everything that’s necessary for a safe diving experience.

5) Diving is for young people

We totally disagree with this. Neither are we saying diving can be done by the aged? What matters is you are physically fit and don’t have any medical condition related to heart, lungs or any other respiratory or mental challenges.

6) I’m too fat and too old to scuba dive

Not at all. Being overweight doesn’t pose a threat underwater. Moreover, the oxygen cylinder and the floating vest add to the buoyancy required. If you are a moderately active person you need not worry. But if you are worried about diving with a health condition it’s better to consult a doctor.

7) You will be sick after scuba diving

You won’t be sick but yes there will be a feeling of vertigo. The reason behind this is during diving you are exposed to a different environment. The physical factors underwater, one being pressure varies from that on land. That’s why it advisable to fly 24 hours after scuba diving. Otherwise, you will experience vertigo.

A good scuba diving experience is always in the hands of an experienced dive instructor. We have pioneered the art of diving in Goa since 1993 and along with this set a benchmark in safety and compliance.

It’s now time to put all these scuba diving myths to rest. Scuba diving will, in fact, present a rewarding experience when done the right way. The experience is itself filled with thrill and adventure where you exposed yourself to do something out of the ordinary.

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