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Calangute – Baga

Bodyboarding is one the easiest and most fun water sport suitable for almost every age group. On an average, a bodyboard is made up of hydrodynamic foam that is short and rectangular in shape. Also known as Boogie Boarding after Tom Morey’s invention of the famous Boogie Board, body boarding requires a surfer to ride the board on his crest & face and consequently the underbelly of a wave that when done properly, should carry him/her to the shore.

Being a surface water sport, the use of swimming fins are optional, though some professionals swear by it as they feel it gives them more miles while riding a wave.

At Atlantis Watersports, you will get the chance to ride and learn with and from seasoned professionals respectively. We have all the technical know-how and experience to ensure beginners as well as well-trained bodyboarders get their money’s worth.

Given that renting one costs a mere 250 INR per hour and that you can opt for a training course as well, opting to boogieboard / bodyboard with Atlantis Watersports on your next trip to India’s sunshine state – Goa, is a no-brainer.

Note – Equipment is provided by us, all you must get is a swimsuit or a pair of drip n dry shorts/t-shirts, flip-flops and water resistant/water proof sunscreen.

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LocationBaga Beach
Environmental TipPlease help us save the Ocean from pollution and beach litter

What is bodyboarding?

Body boarding is very similar to stand up surfing, but in bodyboarding, the rider lies on his/her stomach or kneels on a smaller soft board. The board is more flexible and allows more radical changes in speed and more vertical drops.

Do you provide an instructor?

No, we don’t provide an instructor for this.

What is the duration of this activity?

We give you the equipment for one hour.

Can i extend the duration of my activity?

Of course, you can. All you need to do is pay for your extra hours.

IS there any weight limit for this activity?

Participants who weigh more than 100 kilos will not be able to enjoy this activity.

Does this include pick up/drop?

No, we don’t provide pick up/ drop facilities for this package.

What is the payment option available to me if I want to book this package?

Payment can be made by the online payment gateway. You can either do it directly on our website or you can request for a manual online payment link. Options are available for a list of credit / debit cards and net banking are also available on our payment link.

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