Introduction to Kite Surfing

Kitesurfing Course (6 Hours over 4 days)

Discover those stunning kite Surfing spots across the world and are you already feeling giddy with all that excitement you can’t just hold anymore? This 6 hour course is specially designed for all our amazing kitesurfing enthusiasts out there. The individuals who have already taken some lessons, but haven’t finished their training or otherwise for individuals who haven’t been in a while and want to brush up their skills. There is so there is so much diversity in this sport and you can keep progressing no matter how good you already are.

IKO certified Kite surfing Course (10 hours over 6 days)

Are you the daring soul out there who believes sky is not the limit? Then, this is just for you.This 10 hour IKO certified course takes you through all the basics of kite surfing, from kite anatomy, to wind theory, safety procedures, kite control, body dragging, and finally board starts. This course has been designed to get individuals up through Level 1 by IKO standards. Take a walk with us and explore the mindfulness with this active meditation.



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