21 Hours
Mandovi River

Over Night House Boat Trip in Mandovi River

Bird Watching, Crocodile Spotting , Fishing (with the help of our advanced systems of ‘Fish Finders’ which tell you where the fish are, how big and deep they are + Fishing gear provided). Dock at Aldona for the night and enjoy a sumptuous seafood dinner amidst the clear night skies, the soothing sound of night birds. You can relax after dinner in our extra spacious sit-out area, where you can just chill, read a book or even romance in the moonlight.

Next morning, wake up to the bright sunny skies of Goa and tickle your taste buds by trying our delicious traditional Goan breakfast. Later, we proceed a little further into the beautiful river covered in dense mangroves to see if we are lucky to spot more Crocodiles. Then we begin our journey back to Britona and prepare for the departure.

You will be provided a pioneering opportunity to explore the unexplored on the longest cruise in the state. We will show you the best hidden sights in the sparkling backwaters flanked by the majestic mangroves as you unwind in 5-star comfort.

DURATION 3:00pm to 11:00am Next day
Comfortable clothing as per your choice.
3 PM Pick Up
Welcome drink
7 PM Starters
9 PM Dinner
8 AM Breakfast
11 AM Brunch/Lunch
11.30 Drop Back
11.30 Drop Back
Soft Drink*
3-4 Beer Pints/Person*
 Crocodile Spotting
 Bird Watching
Activities Include:
Crocodile Spotting
Bird Watching
Additional Information :
Location : Mandovi
Pick up & Drop – Pick up & Drop will be provided from Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Nagoa, Candolim, Sinquerim, Nerul, Panjim, Old Goa Britonna, Porvorim.
Transport required in areas other then mentioned above will be charged extra

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What is a house boat?

A house boat is a floating structure designed to be used as a residence, often including typical home amenities such as kitchens, bathrooms, and ample floor space. These structures differ from boats designed for transportation or sport in that they are often modified in ways that limit their ability to navigate water and are usually moored. Some houseboats even lack motors and are designed only to float, not to move. It is possible to live on a houseboat in the ocean, but the tide makes these houseboats move constantly, so still waters or gentle rivers are generally preferred docking sites.

Where will the house boat dock at for the night?

The house boat will dock at Aldona, one of the most beautiful villages across the world.

What are the highlights for this trip?

Bird Watching, Crocodile Spotting , Fishing (with the help of our advanced systems of ‘Fish Finders’ which will help you locate the fish and also give you an idea of how big and deep they are). Undoubtedly, Aldona with its surreal beauty becomes the main highlight of the trip.

Where is my departure from?

Your departure is from Calangute – Baga Area.

Which are the major areas covered under my trip?

Aldona and Brittona are the major areas covered under this trip.

How many cabins are there on the boat?

There are three cabins on the boat with the capacity of two people in each cabin.

Is the house boat air conditioned?

This deluxe house boat is fully air conditioned.

Do i get complimentary snacks and welcome drink?

Yes, you do get complimentary snacks and welcome drink.

Do i get dinner and breakfast as inclusions with the package?

Yes, you can avail dinner and lunch as inclusions with the package.

Is pick up/ drop included in the package?

Yes, you get the pick up/drop facility as long as your hotel falls under our coverage area that includes Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Nagoa, Candolim, Sinquerim, Nerul Area. Transport required in other areas will be charged extra.

What is my pick up time?

You will be picked up at 02:30 pm

What time will i be dropped back?

You will be dropped back at 12:00 am, the next day.

Should i book my houseboat in prior?

It’s recommended to pre book houseboats in Season time since it usually gets booked out and it’s always a good idea to book in advance.

 What is the payment option available to me if i want to book this package?

Payment can be made by the online payment gateway. You can either do it directly on our website or you can request for a manual online payment link. Options are available for a list of credit / debit cards and net banking are also available on our payment link.


2:30 pm to 3:00 pm– Pick up from the hotel


3:30 pm to 4:00 pm– Welcome of the Guests

 Welcome of the guests on boat at 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm by garlands and welcome drink.

At 4:00 pm

The boat starts cruising from Britona jetty towards our destination Aldona. Guests are served with snacks once the cruising starts. While cruising, guests can see the Dr. Salim Ali bird sanctuary , Crocodiles, bats, local fishermen village, temples, churches, traditional way of fishing, fish farms, Portuguese houses, Goas on cable stayed bridge etc.

7.30 pm

 After the beautiful sunset from the boat the boat is anchored and starters are served at  around 7.30 pm. After enjoying the starters the guests are free to do fishing/crab catching etc.

09.00 pm - Goan food will be served

 At around 9:00 pm Goan food based on sea food will be served. Next morning breakfast will be served (pan cakes, omelette, butter toast, jam, tea and coffee).


 After the breakfast the boat will start cruising back to brittona jetty and before leaving the boat the guest will be served brunch. 

11.00 am

After brunch the guest will leave the boat at 11.am to go to their respective hotels. 
House Boat in Mandovi
House Boat in Mandovi

Tour Reviews

4.67 based on 18 reviews
March 24, 2011

Booked an overnight boat trip with Atlantis Watersports for us four friends. We just got done with college and wanted to explore Goa in a more unique way. The boat-house was insane, the design, comfort and amenities were awesome! And the memories, experiences and photographs we got from it are unique in every way. Thank you Atlantis for making our friends jealous 😉

– Bangalore

March 14, 2012

Maine apne mata pita ke liye house-boat trip book kiya tha unke 25 shadi ki saalgirah par. Unhe Goa mein Atlantis Watersports ke saath is trip pe bahut anand aaya. Bilkul 5-star hotel ki tarah tha, khaana swadisht aur bahar jeev-juntu bhi anek prakar ke dekhe. Shukriya Atlantis mere parents ko itna khush karne ke liye!

– Noida

March 19, 2013

We saw Atlantis ad on internet and booked for house-boat trip. Me, my wife, son and daughter in-law was on this trip. It was great experience, Goa’s water is so beautiful and clean and animals are so rarely seen. Boat was so nice and clean and comfortable. My wife and son and his wife enjoyed greatly. Thank you Atlantis Watersports!

– Chennai

November 9, 2013

On our ride through the dense mangrove forests with some site seeing and gorging over delicious sea food for dinner and traditional Goan food. I enjoyed fishing especially with the up to date equipment Atlantis had to offer. I was really impressed with the equipment on board and how professionally the entire trip was conducted. Keep it up!

from – Sydney

December 19, 2013

My children and I came across an advertisement for an overnight boat ride in the Mandovi river by Atlantis and then met with Charlie who is the owner of this company. I was worried about the space since my child is 11 years old but there was enough and more space on board and I must thank the staff for being child friendly. They kept Pia engaged through bird watching, crocodile spotting and the highlight was the dolphins swimming near the boat.

from – Usha Karki

January 28, 2014

Apni patni ko le Goa mein enjoy karne aaya tha. Atlantis se milkar itna zyada fun kya ki main kya bataon. Hume itna special kabhi maehsoos nahi hua. Apne hotel se pick-up aur drop bhi mila. House-boat pe itna anand aaya, khaana itna swadisht tha, magarmach itne sunder aur khatarnak lage and meri patni ko itne khush dekh main aur bhi khush hua. Dhanyavad Atlantis!

– Delhi

February 19, 2014

Our 25th wedding anniversary was spent on the backwaters of Goa! Yea it was as blissful as it sounds. We wanted something romantic and Charlie without hesitation suggested a house-boat ride on the Mandovi. My wife loved it as we just lay back under the stars and reminisced about our younger days! Top job Charles, see you soon.


April 11, 2015

Bravo Charlie, thank you for the awesome time! Single mother of two beautiful children in their teens, was on a much needed vacation with my little ones in sunny sunny Goa when we heard of Atlantis Watersport at a restaurant nearby. Booked the house-boat trip with them and spotted crocodiles, birds and other beautiful animals and plants on the banks of the river besides the lovely food and comfy stay. Love love love everything about it, will book it again for sure

– Dubai

April 14, 2015

On a work visit to beautiful Goa, our company gave us a day off to relax and soak in the fun, so to speak. We did exactly that on an overnight house boat trip with Atlantis! It was a truly magical experience. The beautiful pollution-free night sky overhead, the delicious food and the pretty plants and animals sightings along the way, made for the perfect end to a busy week! Thank you Atlantis Watersports.

– Canada

April 24, 2015

: Danka Charlie! This was the best time I had ever! My parents booked this trip for me and my boyfriend. Charlie is a close family friend and suggested this trip to me and my parents. We had a wonderful time, never had I seen Mandovi river like this before! The house-boat is so pretty and comfortable! Will come again for sure x

– Latvia

November 29, 2015

We came to celebrate our honeymoon and were pleasantly surprised since Charlie and his team had got a cake placed in our room and flowers! My wife was really happy and keeps narrating this incident to everyone. We enjoyed our ride through the mangrove forests sailing by some ancient sites and enjoyed the food. The evening was rather romantic sitting in the open deck under the bright stars.

from – Chennai

January 28, 2016

It is the best time I had ever. My husband bring me to Goa for first time and take me on this overnight cruise. The food was beautiful and ride was smooth. The crocodile watching was the best as it was my first time watching. Thank you Atlantis for the great time!

from – Mumbai

February 20, 2016

On a family holiday with our seven year old we booked online with Atlantis. The entire team on board was very professional and child friendly starting from the food and drinks everything was looked after perfectly. We enjoyed the sail through the mangrove forests and my son was very fascinated with the crocodiles, specially the birds sitting like statues on the crocs.

from – Scotland

March 1, 2016

My entire motive going on the overnight ride at the Mandovi river was fishing, and I must say I managed to catch hold of one of the biggest fish I have ever caught since I started fishing, my father was super proud of me but the secret was the advanced fishing equipment I was using which the professional staff offered me on board. Such an adventurous ride through the mangrove forests and hidden sights, topped with amazing sea food. Loved it!

from – Singapore

March 9, 2016

The Mandovi house boat ride was undoubtedly the most surreal stay I have had in a while. It took us sailing through some hidden ancient sites which one was not even aware of and Charlie had ensured the entire Team is aware and well trained. Crocodile spotting was the highlight for me as it was very challenging spotting them in the marshy land.

from – Manali

March 9, 2016

I’m an avid bird watcher and was taken by surprise when on our ride through the river we managed to spot some majestic birds in the dense green mangrove forests the Atlantis team on board was very professional and knew the names and helped spotting some other wildlife around. We relished the traditional Goan breakfast which was served.

from – Bangalore

March 9, 2016

My family and I visit Goa almost every year and have been wanting to go on an overnight houseboat ride for a while but have been very worried about the hygiene and safety on board but after meeting with Charlie we were convinced that Atlantis was offering nothing but the best. The ride was smooth, well organized and the team on board was very well equipped, we had no problem communicating with the team as they knew Russian as well. Bravo guys!

from – Russia

April 5, 2018

Thanks to this excursion we really saw all the beauty of Goa! Before this trip I was attracted only by the beaches and passive rest, but after this walk everything changed. That was incredible day! I recommend this trip for everybody.

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