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Snorkeling at Island – Goa

Your island experience in Goa will never be complete without snorkeling. It is one of the most popular activities that tourists partake in whilst on an island trip. Atlantis Watersports offer a complete package that makes for a breathtaking experience under the sea. Enjoy a once in a lifetime interaction with diverse marine life and be mesmerized by sightings of the famous humpback dolphin in the serenely blue waters of Goa.

Make the most of your stay in Goa by enjoying the abundance of the sea through some relaxed fishing. What’s better than getting to cook / eat the fish you catch for dinner? Taste for yourself the sumptuous fish freshly caught from the sea, marinated in delicious Goan spices and herbs. Once done, relax your senses with the calming whisper of the ocean breeze while sipping on a pint of chilled beer.

Safe and Hassle Free

Make your snorkeling experience safe and hassle free with Atlantis Watersports as we are equipped with top of the line facilities and gear. Our tour organizers and trainers are all certified to ensure your safety.

A first time snorkeler? Not a problem. Our activities are first timer-friendly, while our accommodating staff take no half-measures while guiding / training you with the utmost care.

DURATION 8.30am to 09.00am
  • Please carry along swimwear, T-Shirt, Shorts
  • Sun cream, Hat, Sunglasses
  • Towel
Return transport
Dolphin Sighting
Bottom Fishing
Fun Snorkeling
Beer / Rum
Mineral Water
Soft Drinks
Goan Cuisine Buffet with BBQ (Fish / Chicken / Veg)

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Additional information

Month of OperationOctober to May
Pick up - DropPick up & Drop will be provided from Hotels booked in Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Nagoa, Candolim, Sinquerim, Nerul Area. Transport required in areas other then mentioned above will be charged extra.
Environmental TipPlease help us save the Ocean from pollution and beach litter


08.30 am to 09.00 am : Pick Up from Hotel


09.00 am to 10.00 am : Boat Jetty to Grande Island / Bat Island

In the morning, depending on the visibility, we will then proceed to Grande Island or Bat Island. Feed on light snacks (Samosas), while spotting Fort Aguada, Central Jail,
Lighthouse, The Millionaire’s Palace and dolphin sighting.

10.00 am to 11:30 am : Snorkeling, Fishing & Swimming

You may engage in Snorkeling or indulge in swimming or try your luck at fishing with traditional methods rather than with fishing rods.

11:30 am to 12.00 pm : Boat ride to Monkey Beach / Hansa Beach

You will then be anchored on the shores where you can then proceed to Monkey Beach / Hansa Beach.

12:00 pm to 02:30 pm : Goan style barbecue & buffet (lunch)

Relax by the beach or swim in the sea while our Goan chefs put up a scrumptious
barbecue and Goan style buffet (fish/chicken/veg) for lunch. You will be served beers, rum, soft drinks, mineral water and fruits.

02:30 pm to 03:00 pm : Monkey Beach / Hansa Beach to boat jetty (return)

Feel the calming sea breeze running through your hair while you pass the Governor’s Palace, the Marmagao Port Trust (MPT), and some indo-pacific hump-back dolphins on the way back to the jetty.

03:00 pm to 3:30 pm : Drop from boat jetty to Hotel

Note – This is a fun filled basic trip to be perceived mainly as an Island Picnic Tour.

What does snorkeling mean?
Snorkeling requires you to wear swimming goggles with a snorkel i.e. a breathing tube, and a pair of swimming fins that allow you to swim on the surface of the water while facing your head down and still be able to breathe. It is a fun activity for family and friends to indulge in, that lets you explore the vibrant ocean floor.

Is there a difference between scuba diving and snorkeling?
Yes, there is. Snorkeling enables you to breathe on the water surface with your head turned towards the water, while scuba diving lets you breathe underwater.

How safe is snorkeling?
It is extremely safe as it encourages people of all ages to participate.

Does snorkeling require me to have special swimming skills?
Though a good swimmer would be more comfortable in the water, it is not necessary to have any special swimming skills as such.

Does snorkeling require special equipment?
Yes, namely three things: 1. A face mask which enables you to watch the marine life without wetting your nose and eyes, 2. A Snorkel allows you to breathe on the water surface while your head is facing down through a curved hollow tube that is fixed to your mouth, and 3. Swimming fins are artificial webbed paddles that fit on your feet like shoes and assist in swimming effortlessly.

While snorkeling, can I wear my contact lenses?
Indeed you can, however make sure to fasten your face mask carefully onto your face so as to avoid it filling with water.

Will I be able to go underwater with my snorkel?
Yes, you can with a deep breath. It is not uncommon for seasoned snorkelers to go to the ocean floor on a big gulp of air and pump out water from their snorkel’s hollow breathing tube with a powerful exhale once on the surface.

Is there any favoured time to snorkel?
Yes, bright sunny days are the best as the sunlight improves water clarity bringing out the vivid colours of the sea bed with its beautiful corals and marine life.

How do you insure safety while snorkeling?
At Atlantis Watersports we employ certain safety practices that assist beginners as well as experienced snorkelers. One of them is by limiting snorkeling groups to make sure every snorkeler gets one on one time with our instructors.

Is it necessary to be an experienced snorkeler?
No, it is not as our trained personnel have the expertise to cater to beginners as well as experienced snorkelers.

What is included in the fee?
A. The fee of our Island Trip includes all activities mentioned in its itinerary like, meals, snorkeling, snacks, drinks and local taxes.

How long does it take to reach Grande Island?
The time needed to reach the snorkeling site is approximately 1 hour.

Besides snorkeling what else can I do on the trip?
There is plenty to do besides snorkeling like, relaxing on the boat, sipping on some beer by the sea under shade, taking a dip in the sea and sunbathing, to name a few.

What time does our journey begin?
We embark on our journey from the boat jetty around 9 AM.

Is there anything in particular I should carry on this trip?
A towel, a pair of comfortable shoes with good grip (flip-flops not advised), sunscreen and sunglasses. If you are prone to sea sickness or think you may get it, we advise you to take a pill to counter it prior to us leaving the boat jetty.

Does the trip include lunch?
Yes, it does. Along with our Goan style buffet and barbeque (Chicken/Fish/Veg) we also provide an unlimited supply of beers, mineral water and soft drinks.

How do I keep myself from accidentally choking on water?
In case your snorkel gets filled with water, don’t panic, ensure you’re on the surface of the water and the snorkel is above it and then exhale powerfully to clear the water from it.

Can I snorkel even though I can’t swim?
Yes, you can. We will fasten a life jacket onto you that will help keep you afloat at all times.

What type of equipment is needed for snorkeling and do you provide it?
Yes, we provide the following equipment: life jacket, snorkel, face-mask and fishing equipment.

How long a drive is it to the boat jetty?
It is usually between 15 to 20 min depending where you stay in North Goa.

Is there a 100% guarantee that I’ll catch fish?
There is an abundance of fish in the chosen fishing spots, therefore there’s a 99.9% chances you will catch a fish.

Will I see monkeys on monkey beach?
No, this is just a name given to the beach.

What is the highlight of the entire trip?
The highlight of the trip is snorkeling and the fact that Grande Island is the only place for snorkeling in Goa.

What is the payment option available to me if i want to book this package?

Payment can be made by the online payment gateway. You can either do it directly on our website or you can request for a manual online payment link. Options are available for a list of credit / debit cards and net banking are also available on our payment link.

Snorkeling in Goa
Boat Trip Goa Island Trip
Island - Monkey Beach - Snorkeling at Goa
Island - Monkey Beach - Snorkeling at Goa
Island - Monkey Beach - Snorkeling at Goa
Best Island Boat Tour Package
Island - Monkey Beach - Snorkeling at Goa
Island Trip Goa
Island - Monkey Beach - Snorkeling at Goa

Tour Reviews

4.33 based on 50 reviews
January 30, 2011

My friends and I feeling adventurous decided to try our hand at some watersports while in Goa. I wasn’t really convinced about the idea so I just watched my friends trying snorkeling. I couldn’t resist myself when I saw how filled they were with joie de vivre! Charlie also encouraged me and I gave it a try. I’d say if it weren’t for him I would have missed the most exciting part of coming to Goa. The equipment they provided boosted my confidence even more. I got to see the beautiful fishes and I couldn’t take my eyes off the rock formations.

from – Himachal Pradesh

January 8, 2012

Mene ye trip plan ki apni joint family k liye. Pehle mujhe laga k itni bde group ko manage karna mushkil ho jaega par Atlantis Watersports k saath booking karke mujhe bilkul bhi pareshani nahi hui. Meri biwi, bacho aur sari family ne bahut maze kiye. Group activities me toh aur bhi maza aaya. Family time bhi mila jab sbne fishing ki. Snorkeling karke mere bache bhi khush hue. Unhone itni paas se machliya aur samundar k jeevo ko pehle nahi dekha tha. Group k liye jo activities hai vo bahut safe aur mazedar hai.

From – Hyderabad

September 2, 2012

Me apne mom k liye Goa trip plan kar raha tha. Internet se mujhe Atlantis Watersports k bare me pta laga. Meri mom ne b bahut activities ki. Khana bhi behad swadisht tha aur pick up and drop service se meri mom ko bahut aasani hui. Safety me koi laparwahi nahi thi. Snorkeling krna mera sbse pasindadar activity tha. Fishes ko aur baki jantuyon ko dekhke bhi bahut acha laga. \

From – Bangalore

January 27, 2013

The best trip to Goa. Out of my last four trips to Goa this one was surely the best because I booked a snorkeling trip with Atlantis Watersports at an affordable price. The services they offer at such prices are commendable. There is no way that anyone can have an issue with the safety they provide. Snorkeling was one sport I never tried and now I’d want to do it n-number of times. They made it a carefree and unforgettable experience. I was always intrigued by the life underwater and when I did snorkeling I was so happy to learn about it. WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!

From – Jaipur, India

September 9, 2013

You’re never to old to do snorkeling is what Charlie told me and he was very right. I enjoy the ride to the Grande island, doing some sight seeing ‘The Millionaire’s Palace’, other architecture made by the Portuguese. After all safety measures taken jumped into the deep blue sea and enjoyed the flora and fauna of Goan waters! Totally hassle free and enjoyable.

from – Orsk

March 30, 2014

Atlantis Watersports is suitable for everyone. Even students can afford it the packages are quite attractive. My friends and I managed to book with them and had a lifetime experience. Amazing food and such amiable staff made our trip worthwhile. We tried different activities, snorkeling was an exciting activity. Going in the deep blue sea and observing the marine life was a great experience. The varied types of fishes caught my attention.

From – Palanpur

March 31, 2014

How gorgeous is the life under water can be known through snorkeling. It’s a totally different experience under water. You get to pass through the reefs and rock formations. A water lover like me would love this sport as one gets to interact so closely with marine life. Not only the activities but the food and drinks were also worth appreciating. The staff made sure we weren’t starving between the activities so snacks were also served!

From – Dharamshala, India

October 29, 2014

Snorkeling karne mien muje bada maza aya! Instructors bahut mast the unhone humme bahut ache se samjhaya ke savdhane kaise baratne chaheye. Mere cheku aur tunnu ko bhi bahut maza aya. Paani bahut saaf tha aur machliya rang birangi! Grande island pe thande beer pene ka bahut anad aya sath light snacks aur fruits ka bhi anand mere bacho ne uthaya.
from – Delhi

October 30, 2014

Our college planned a trip to Goa. The whole group had so much fun Snorkeling with Atlantis Watersports. Everyone was taken care of. The activities were so energizing. Group snorkeling was the best. My friends and I keenly observed the diverse marine life. The safety was ensured so the ones, who were initially reluctant, later agreed. The banana ride and parasailing the next day added to the level of fun. I’d suggest it to everyone I know. The delicious lunch was appreciated by all!

From – Rampur

October 30, 2014

Our college planned a trip to Goa. The whole group had so much fun Snorkeling with Atlantis Watersports. Everyone was taken care of. The activities were so energizing. Group snorkeling was the best. My friends and I keenly observed the diverse marine life. The safety was ensured so the ones, who were initially reluctant, later agreed. The banana ride and parasailing the next day added to the level of fun. I’d suggest it to everyone I know. The delicious lunch was appreciated by all!

From – Rampur

October 31, 2014

Mene pehle bhi watersports ki thi lekin us samay mere sath ek accident hua uske baad se mene kabhi try nahi kiya. Goa trip pe friends ne mujhe kafi convince krne ki koshish ki toh me maan gyi. Atlantis Watersports ke staff ne mera confidence regain krne me help ke aur thoda darne k baad mujhe bahut maza aaya. Pehle mene snorkelling ke jisme mene bahut si machliyo ko pakadne ki bhi koshish ki. Safety ka dhyan rkha gya isliye mene befikar hoke under water life ko dekha. Me sbi first timers ko Atlantis Watersports suggest krugi.

From – Mumbai

December 14, 2014

First trip with friends to Goa and Atlantis Watersports made the trip fabulous. Snorkeling was a breathtaking experience and I was able to interact with the diverse marine life. I could enjoy this sport so well because of the trained staff that ensured my safety. The most exciting part was fishing and eating the fish that we caught. Chilled beer while observing the sunset was relaxing.

From – Delhi, India

February 10, 2015

Snorkeling with Atlantis wouldn’t have been so wonderful without Charlie. He helped me through the first timer nervousness just by talking while booking. The marine life was a beauty beyond words. The entire experience was a great adventure which my family and I will cherish for life thanks to the team and safety gear offered by them. Great job!

From – Gurgaon, India

February 14, 2015

I tried watersports for the very first time with Atlantis Watersports and I never thought it’d be so much fun! The pick-up and drop service was also great and added to the comfort. The quality of services provided was such that I was keen to tell my friends to only book with Atlantis Watersports on their future trips to Goa. My friends and I did fishing and snorkeling. The instructor did everything. Would love to visit again.

from – Mumbai

February 22, 2015

Pani ke lehro par sawar pehli baar miene Dolphins ko dekha grand island jate hue, kuch he sharo mien hum ek kafe mashur mahal se bhi guzre, portugali style ne chaar chand laga diye the light house ko bhi! Muje snorkeling karne mien bhay laga toh miene pani mien sirf apne tange latkae aur snacks aur juice piya. Bhoojan Monkey beach par bahut he sawwd tha. Atlantis ne bahut mehnat se sab suvidhaye ayojit ke the.

from – Jaisalmer

March 11, 2015

On company trip, we contacted Atlantis for fishing and snorkeling. Younger lot did snorkeling while we did fun fishing. Life jackets for all, made to ware and high safety standard. Fun fishing we caught lots of fish with the line! Once we reached Monkey beach we enjoyed the grilled fish in Goan herbs and curry along with the buffet and barbeque along with beer!

from – Moscow

March 19, 2015

Charlie is the BEST! Sade tension mukde he nai se jado mere new wife menu pani vich dupke maran de gal karde se but Charlie nu mil ke sade sare tension muk gaye ni! Sanu safety drill te life jacket da full use das ke sachu bara chain milya te appa full enjoy kar sake grand island pe ude vaad jado bhuk khul gaye the ta lunch buffet khwaya sanu monkey beach te nal beer de!

from – Chandigarh

March 29, 2015

Mere pao mien noch aye hue the toh miene socha mien apne snorkeling cancel kardu parantu Charlie ne muje atam vishvas dilaya ke snorkeling ke ilaway bhi trip par bahut kuch ho sakta hai jaise machli pakarna aur nazare dekhna. Mien bahut he prasan the phir miene unke baat rakh le aur mien gaye! Machliya toh nahi pakre par dolphins zarur dekhe aur monkey beach par bahut swadisht bhojan bhi kaya! Dhyan rakhne ke liye shukriya!

from – Vellore

October 10, 2015

Got picked up my son and me from our resort at Candolim. Taken very comfortably to the departure site and given safety brief and life jackets we went to island for snorkeling while Jyakub did snorkeling I did some fishing in the crystal clear waters. No fun greater than eating the fish you catch while sipping on chilled beer! Great job guys Atlantis!
from – Yekaterinburg

October 24, 2015

My kids wanted to visit Goa and going through the excellent reviews I booked a Snorkeling Trip with Atlantis Watersports. Initially I was a little scared to go for watersports with my kids but the staff at Atlantis Watersports ensured of the safety and I got convinced after we performed a mock safety drill. Snorkeling was an awesome experience. The flora and fauna of the blue water were such delights for the eyes.Trips with kids are difficult but the staff helped me in making it hassle-free. Lovely getaway!

from – Thailand

October 30, 2015

Apni shaadi se pehle mene aur meri friends ne Goa trip plan kiya. Atlantis Watersports ke saath booking ki. Pick up and drop service bahut hi safe tha hum ladkiyo ke liye. Sb jagah ladkiyo ke liye safe nahi hota par Atlantis Watersports ke ache staff ki vajah se humien bilkul bhi pareshani nahi hui. Humne kafi activities ki aur snorkelling me toh sabse zyada maza aaya. Humne khud hi machli pkdi. Aisa anubhav shayd hi kahin aur mil pata. Mere sare dost bahut santusht hue .

From – Bihar

November 14, 2015

Humare dosto ne hume Atlantis company ke bare mien bataya aur mere beve aur miene turant he online book kar diya. Yeh tour bahut he yaadgar raha. Naav se grand island jate hue Dolphin dikhe, waha pahunch kar paani ek dum saaf tha aur sooraj mien tim tima raha tha! Snorkeling ke baad buffet lunch aur machi ka bahut swaad aya.

From – Bengal

November 24, 2015

Learnt about Atlantis Watersports through a Facebook post of a friend who had a lot of fun doing watersports with them. Booked with them and had the time of my life with my Sister. We tried all the sports but snorkeling made our day. I sat back and saw my sister doing it first. The prepossessing skills of the instructor convinced me so I also tried it. We did fishing too. The energizing drinks helped us in having a relaxed evening gazing at the deep blue sea.

from – Chandigarh

November 29, 2015

Being alone was worried about transport but great Atlantis provides for all! Got transport from hotel in Arpora straight to meeting point. Very professional and clear instructions, no language problem. Seeing dolphins and variety of fishes under water, amazing experience, eye opener! Delicious lunch at Monkey beach with BBQ, buffet and beer, heaven on monkey beach much thanks Atlantis!

from – Romania

December 14, 2015

I like travelling alone but the idea of watersports would be boring alone. This was what I thought before booking with Atlantis Watersports. But the trip was so carefree and fun that I’d love to come again. There were so many activities but I couldn’t miss snorkeling. The staff guided me well regarding the do’s and don’ts. Got to see reefs and rock formations. Did fishing too. Relaxing trip!

From – Pune

December 29, 2015

Our friend circle from college booked with Atlantis for snorkeling including our teacher. He did fishing and ate and drunk lots of juices on the ride to the grande island while we enjoy snorkeling he was catching fish. On arrival at Monkey beach we over ate buffet with large variety and BBQ. Best was drop and pick from our accommodation in Baga area.

from – Puducherry

December 31, 2015

Goa ki trip Alantis ki vajah se itni safal hui. Sonu, Dolly aur Puneet ko bhi bahut maza aaya. Charlie sahib ne bahut he ache se sab organize kiya hai. Sonu aur Puneet ne Parasailing ki, Dolly aur miene snorkeling ki phir bahr aakar Sonu aur Puneet ko btaya k andar kitni sari machliya dekhi. Aur yeh sunke toh Sonu ashcharye chakit tha ke humme panni ke bhetar daar nahi laga. Hum sabko khana bhi bahut acha laga. Vegetarians ka bhi khyal rkha gya.

From – Lucknow, India

January 14, 2016

The packages offered by Atlantis Watersports are truly worth it. I’m not really a lover of water but the encouraging and friendly staff of Atlantis Watersports helped me to get over that fear with proper safety precautions and equipments. Snorkeling was a thrilling sport. I observed aquatic life closer than I ever did or I thought I could. The delicious Goan food was also a delight. A perfect adventure holiday!

from – Nahan

January 15, 2016

Itni garmi me itna anand mene pehli baar liya. Goa ki garmi me samundar me jane ka maza hi kuch aur hai. Aur iss maze me char chand Atlantis Watersports ne laga diye. Itni achi deal milne k baad meri expectation itni nahi thi par ache khane se lekar safety ka pura dhyan rakha gya. Snorkeling me itna maza aaega aisa mene socha bhi nahi tha. Banana ride aur Dolphin safari bhi bahut mazedar tha.

From – Rajasthan

January 15, 2016

I was afraid for availability of life jacket for my daughter’s size. Atlantis very well equipped and have all sizes. Thoroughly enjoyed ride till grande island, spotted many dolphins and got a selfie also. On reaching we did bottom fishing and the visibility in water was like mirror. Ria caught her first fish then enjoyed the yummylicious food at the Monkey beach buffet and drinks.

from – Sultanpur

January 20, 2016

Loving adventure of all kinds specially with animals, Charlie advice me to do snorkeling. Best decision and no regrets! Safety was top priority and well trained instructors. No communication gap and instructions was clear. Some unbelievable fish, corals and crabs underwater. Very hungry once out, hence ate and ate at the lunch buffet and BBQ in monkey beach enjoying view of blue sea and sun shining on waves!

from – Bulgaria

January 24, 2016

Atlantis ke saath snorkeling karke bahut maza aya. Ye ek alag anubhav tha mere aur mere bhai ke liye. Garmiyo me samundar me jane ka maza hi kuch aur hai! Thanda paani aur itni alag alag fishes dkhne ko mila. Me kbi bhi machliyo ke itne paas nahi gayi. Thoda dar bhi lga par instructor bahut ache the. Unhone koi kami nahi rakhi savdhani bartne me. Snorkeling k baad humne behad laziz khana khaya.

from – Amritsar

January 29, 2016

Grande island ke vishal samundar ke bech o bech humne snorkeling ke aur vibhin prakar ke machliya aur phol dekhe jo ab tak humne sirf tv par he dekhe the. Bahar nikalne par jab bahut bhook lage toh hume fal aur juice bhi diya gaya aur fir safar age baraya gaya monkey beach ke aur jaha hume bahut swadisht khana mila. Bahut khube se nibhaya hai yeh Atlantis ne!

from – Nagpur

February 14, 2016

Extremely organised & friendly staff, On time pickup from hotel, plan for the day explained in detail. Very good condition gear, wetsuits provided if necessary. On our trip we were really lucky as there were 4 paying guests and 6 staff for our boat, safety was never an issue and the dive masters were always making sure we were alright in the water and they knew where we were at all times. Snorkeling was incredible, very clear water, lots to see and time allowed to see it at each point. We had 3 dives at 3 different spots. Lunch, and refreshments all included in the price. On return to headquarters we were ofered refreshments while resting before return to our hotel.We had a fantastic day and thought it was great value for the money spent. Would definely recommend this company to anyone.

February 20, 2016

Atlantis Watersport ne mujhe mauka diya vo krne ka jo shayad me kahin aur nai kar paati. Mene kbi bhi samundar k andar jaane ka nai socha tha. Mera beta mujhe Goa leke aaya aur Atlantis Watersport k staff ne humien bhut ache se sab kuch samjhaya aur instructor humare sath gye samundar me. Mene bahut maza kiya. Itni umar me bhi aisa kr skti thi aisa mujhe nai pata tha. Humne machliya bhi pakdi aur dolphins bhi dekhi. Behad mazedar chuttiyan manai. Atlantis apne sbhi janne walo ko suggest krungi.

Dehradun, India

February 21, 2016

I took my guests to Goa and made them try watersports with Atlantis Watersports. The professional staff wooed them with their skills and professionalism. The safety they ensured made all of us carefree while trying the various activities. Group rides were fun and so was snorkeling. We got to see so many beautiful creatures in the blue sea of Goa. The deep blue water of Goa is really a dreamy place. The patient staff guided us well. Food was yummy.

From – Punjab

February 21, 2016

Humare company hume yaha ek bonding mission pe laye hue the jiske jaankare hume Charlie sahib dwara mile the. Hum 8 bande the pehle naav se hum grand dweep ja pahunche, raste mien humne mashhur dolphins dekhe. Sath he refreshment bhi mile the. Waha pahunchne par humne ek fishing ke aur kafe sare machliya pakre. Monkey beach jake lunch bhandara khane ka maza he kuch aur tha aur sath apne pakre hue swadisht machliya.

from – Tejpur

February 22, 2016

I hurt my ankle so no snorkeling for me I was about to cancel trip but Charlie encouraged me to go bottom fishing, new concept. Seeing and catching fish with much ease. Loved it and the ride seeing dolphins and sight seeing. Delicious traditional and barbeque food at monkey beach, very relaxing sipping beer by the water. Feeling much better already!

from – St. Petersburg

February 22, 2016

Atlantis de naal koi ve tension lene de laur nahi hai! Gadi thwanu hotel te chuk lege te nav de boarding spot vich pahunchadege. Grand island jate sanu vade Dolphina vikhe te light house ve vikha se. Uthe pahunchte instructor de kehne par appa pani vich chalang laga dende hai safety kit nal. Paani de betar fishes de variety ne mukde ten a corals de. Sannu vadey maze aye te chicken putan laye assi ek hor beach monkey beach te gay ta ek ek peg bhi la lee the.

from – Ludhiana

February 24, 2016

Mere husband aur mene honeymoon k liye Atlantis Watersports k sath booking ki. Hum donoko hi snorkelling ka bahut man tha aur Atlantis se behtar kuch nahi tha kyun ki yahan ki service bahut achi hai. Humne first time snorkeling kiya aur humien bahut sundar fishes aur samundar ke alag alag jeev jantu dekhne ko mila. Sab se mazedar tha fishes k itne paas jana. Ye ek aam aadmi k liye bhi bahut achi jagah hai kyun ki inke rates bhi zyada high nahi hai. Humien shuru shuru me thoda darlaga par inke helpers itne ache the k unhone humien samjhaya aur humne vaisa hi kiya.

from – Delhi, India

March 14, 2016

Mien apne vridh pitaji ke sath Goa aya tha. Unhe machliyo ka shikar karna bahut acha lagta hai aur bachpan mien bhi unhone he muje sikhaya tha zaal bichana. Grande island pe pahunch jab miene unhe bola chalo machliya pakre who bahut he khush hue! Humne kafe machliya pakre aur monkey beach par unhe Goan tareke se pakaya, waha bahut swadisht khana tha. Koti koti dhanyavad Charlieji aur Atlantis ka apke bina mien apne pitaji ko yeh khushe nahi de pata!

from – Allahabad

March 29, 2016

My sister and I was on a package for snorkeling and it has the best deal in Goa market. Safety is of much importance and instructors are professional. Dolphin seeing was a great surprise and yummy snacks on the way to grande island. Snorkeling once in a lifetime is a must. Follows by lavish buffet and no problem for vegetarians like us!

from – Mumbai

March 29, 2016

Samudar de lehro mien bade bhare maze aye. Khada de tarha pani thanda ni tha ten a zyada garam. Grande island jate Palace ko dekha aur light house waha pahunchne par snorkeling na kar ke machliya pakre mere sathiyo aur mien fishing line ke sahayata se. Uske baad Monkey beach pe buffet lunch khaya jo sab ke liye tha veg aur non-veg. Dhanyavad Atlantis!

from – Nurpur

March 29, 2016

My kids and I enjoyed right from the dolphins we spotted, the light house then the grande island it was getting hot but efficient Atlantis kept us hydrated with snacks, juice and beer 😉 We did some bottom fishing, new experience for us all. Safety gear was very impressive and latest. LOVED the barbeque and buffet, sautéed our fish in some traditional Goan curry!

from – Lithuania

March 30, 2016

My family planned a short trip to Goa on a weekend and Atlantis Watersports made our trip worthwhile. Charlie suggested snorkeling to me when I told him that I’m a water lover. The experience was absolutely amazing as the staff was professional. It was thrilling to observe the under- water life so closely and with proper safety. The delicious food was like icing on the cake. Loved the service!

from – Punjab

March 30, 2016

A friend of mine suggested Atlantis Watersports to me when I told her that I’ve planned a trip to Goa. I was not new to snorkeling but it was the best here. The professional staff made my experience overwhelming. The safety wasn’t overlooked. The close encounter with the fishes and other water organisms was breathtakingly beautiful. I wasn’t so comfortable with snorkeling ever. A memorable trip!

From – New Mexico, US

October 5, 2017

Excite me so much. Snokle like this is fun with company so good professional guys. Missus and childs also loves this atlantis trip. I’m very excite and happy for this thing. thanks you guys for experiencing me

December 5, 2017

the Grand island trip of Atlantis Waterpsorts is a complete fun package and surprisingly enough, it is also easy on the pocket. It is so good that you are picked from your hotel and then from jetty you are taken to Grand island. The fun surely begins from the pick up point as the jetty ride is immensely interesting.

March 5, 2018

Goan barbecue, fishing, and snorkeling – how can you go wrong with a combination like that? A truly magical day spent with my wifey and the Atlantis team. Ah! How can I forget the awesome Dolphin Safari! Atlantis threw this in for free since we the island trip cost more than 1,000. I recommend Atlantis to every traveler planning watersports and touristy activities in Goa!

April 5, 2018

I travel to India before when I was I just finished school but not to Goa, we travel to the mountains like Rishikesh, etc. This is my first trip to Goa and thanks be to Charlie he made it so special for me. I loved Grande Island very much. I did not even know Goa had an island close by hehe

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