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Windsurfing in Goa

Do you want to learn windsurfing in Goa? If yes, then Atlantis Watersports is the place for it. We offer windsurfing lessons that are both fun and safe and that ensure all your efforts pay off. With these  comprehensive lessons, you are sure to become an expert in no time.

Windsurfing is a type of surface water sport that combines the aspects of sailing and surfing. A board, boom, mast and sail are needed for this activity. The rider stands on the board, which is usually 2.5 to 3 meters long, with feet shoulder width apart for balance, and holds the attached sail up with his or her hands. The rider takes control of the board and executes maneuvers, adjusting strength and balance to the changing wind and water pressures.

Each of our wind surfing lessons is custom made to meet your individual needs and depend largely on your level of expertise. Our surfing instructors are very competent, informative and patient, and adjust to your own learning pace, particularly if you are a beginner.

The training courses take place early in the morning, which is the best time to learn this water sport as the wind and waves are not too strong. Practicing this sport at dusk will enable you to glide easily on the water and learn a lot of techniques with ease.

At the end of the course, you will receive a windsurfing certificate as well as a lot of knowledge and expertise on wind surfing.

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Month of OperationOctober to May
Pick up - DropCan be provided at an Additional Cost.

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