Viva La Vida – Carnival Time in Goa

Fun is the manthra of Goa. Every Goan swears by this. There life is everything but dull with their vibrant culture. They never cease to amuse people with their beautiful coastal lifestyle. Beach living is an art for them that they have mastered so intrinsically flawless. Carnival in Goa is a magnificent representation of their love for fun and thrill. The funkiest festival of India is celebrated from the February 24th to February 28th. The four day long festival is all about bright hues, energetic vibes, traditional rituals, and of course some real fun

According to history, the king Momo introduced the Goa carnival just before the lent seasons of the Christian calendar. This gorgeous adaptation of the Roman carnival starts off on Fat Saturday and concludes on Fat Tuesday. The Christian festival was so well spirited that it soon evolved as a regional festival. The idea behind the festival itself is so pure and that is exactly why it still stands as one of the richest and vivid festivals of India. And yes, it does take a lot to stand out in the land of festivals.

Idea behind the festival was freedom.  During the carnival, the white ma masqueraded as black slaves while their slaves wore high battens and covered their faces with flour. So they celebrated equality and oneness, that always lead to the freedom in its’ purest sense.  They dance and sing away the four nights and it is purely joy and excitement. They vivaciously indulge in the ecstasy of their days of freedom and forget the days of monotony and dullness. The Goan carnival grew bigger than the word “carnival” and became a vision of joyous unity.

The term carnival is derived from the Latin word that literally translates as “to take away meat”. This signifies the abstinence from meat during the 40 fasting days of Lent. Hence Goan carnival as a flamboyant precursor to the lent establishes the vibrant and vivid culture of Goa. Carnival is exuberant with colorful parades taking over the city with bands, floats and dances. Every single day becomes rich with the euphoria of carnival where people forget everything else and make it simply incredible with the joyful spirit of dance and songs. The zestful spirit of the carnival attracts thousands of tourists. The carnival fever grips the city with its jam packed roads and loud music. There are flowers and eclectic face masks everywhere bringing out the vibrance of carnival. Lost in their own happy world, there are big groups of people dancing and singing on the streets for all these four days. The culmination of carnival is spectacular with the scintillating red-and-black dance held by the Club National in Panjim.

The excitement of this awe-inspiring carnival is contagious and the enthusiasm and vigor of people make it absolutely marvelous. Masks and feathered gears are so striking and bring you the vibes of a rich festival. So don’t forget to grab one for the perfect dose of carnival vibes. Also the floats are definitely not to be missed. It represents almost everything that is happening or happened in Goa. It is an interesting mix of cultural and social facets of Goa. The true spirit of the carnival is freedom and joy and get set to embrace it with all its’ splendor and grandiose.

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